Course Description

Teacher Well-Being + Classroom Integration + Curriculum Training

In this professional, self-paced, online course (~10 hours), educators are introduced to mindfulness in its many forms. They generate knowledge and experience around: well-being, mindfulness, peace, social emotional learning, self-regulation and trauma-informed strategies.

Educational research, personal practice, guiding videos/readings and instructional opportunities support teachers confidently leading Peace Work in their own classrooms. For measuring evidence of impact, data collection tools, concept quizzes and course evaluations are all vital to this comprehensive training. 

Lesson-linked supplemental materials are included (and encouraged) for teachers to integrate play, music and fun through fingerplays and GoNoodle videos.

Be sure to have your own copy of Peace Work to reference, highlight, tab and mark-up before beginning this training. Order from Amazon now!

Wellness Works in Schools

Wynne Kinder M. Ed.

Wynne’s teaching career spans 27 years in private and public schools, most recently including 13 years bringing mindfulness into regular, special (autistic & emotional support) and alternative education (including incarceration) settings.  As owner of Kinder Associates LLC and trainer for Wellness Works in Schools (preK-12 classrooms & teacher training), she creates programming and teaching tools that address: mindful awareness, diverse learning needs, trauma in the classroom, healthy connection, social emotional skills, engagement & participation, and guiding behavior. Her work is informed by training with: the Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Institute, the Trauma Center - Justice Resource Institute and UMass Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction. Further endeavors include: Peace Work – Mindful Lessons for the Early Years (Spring 2017), Mindful Moods - a mindful, SEL curriculum for grades 3-5 (Fall 2017), Mindful Choices - a mindful, SEL curriculum for grades 6-8 (Fall 2017), Mindful Tools for Teens (2018) Chapter in Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens (2015),’s digital brain breaks (mindful SEL themes in FLOW, Think About It, Maximo, BLAZER Fresh), & audio practices at 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Mindful Well-Being for Teachers - Introduction to Mindfulness

    • Welcome to Peace Work Training

    • Introduction to Course and Module 1

    • Introduction to the Course and Well-Being Workshop video

    • Course Structure

    • Mindfulness for Teachers: We Teach Who We Are

    • Mindfulness as a Flashlight and a 3-clap Practice

    • Mindful Self-Care and Chimes Practice

    • Feet, Seat and Hands Practice

    • Module 1: First Assignment

    • Stress and Well-Being video

    • Module 1: Second Assignment

    • Introduction to Mindful Movement video

    • Module 1: Third Assignment

    • Module 1: Mindful Practice Series

    • Module 1: Mindful Practice Series Guide Sheet

    • Module 1: Fourth Assignment - Reflection Journal

    • Module 1: Content Quiz

  • 2

    Module 2: Mindful Classroom Integration Training

    • Module 2: Mindful Classroom Integration Training

    • Module 2: Introduction to Mindful Classroom Integration Training Video

    • Instruction for the Teaching Strategies Reflection Grid

    • Module 2: First Assignment

    • Teaching Strategies Reflection Grid

    • Instructions for Teacher's Guide to Mindful Strategies Video

    • Module 2: Second Assignment Teacher's Guide

    • Teacher's Guide to Mindful Strategies

    • Examine Safe Environments, Connections and Choice

    • Module 2: Third Assignment

    • Module 2: Mindful Practice Series

    • Module 2: Mindful Practice Series PDF

    • Module 2: Fourth Assignment - Practice Teach

    • Module 2: Fifth Assignment - Reflection Journal

    • Module 2: Content Quiz

  • 3

    Module 3: Curriculum Training for Peace Work

    • Module 3: Curriculum Training for Peace Work

    • Module 3: Introduction to Curriculum Training for Peace Work

    • Module 3: First Assignment

    • Introduction and Background Notes Sheet

    • Module 3: Second Assignment - Questions from Peace Work

    • Questions for the Teacher

    • Module 3: Peace Work Book Walk

    • Module 3: Third Assignment - Planning, Pacing and Playing

    • Peace Work Planning and Pacing Guide SUPPLEMENTAL PDF

    • Peace Work Blackbirds finger plays SUPPLEMENTAL PDF

    • Peace Work related GoNoodle videos SUPPLEMENTAL PDF

    • Module 3: Fourth Assignment

    • Module 3: Mindful Practice Series

    • Mindful Practice Series Module 3 PDF

    • Module 3: Fifth Assignment - Practice Teach

    • Module 3: Sixth Assignment - Reflection Journal

    • Module 3: Content Quiz

    • Module 3: Final Video

    • Course Evaluation